May 25, 2024

Join the Discussion: Where is Bitcoin heading to next?

Bitcoin price discussion: Monday 14th October

Our analysts are debating the price of Bitcoin at the moment, and we would like our growing audience to join in on it if possible.

There are many bearish moving average crossovers where ever you look at the moment suggesting BTCUSDT may revisit $7,700 by end of week.

On the other hand, a bullish break out from the descending wedge formation would likely see Bitcoin propelled back up to the $9,000 level.

What are your thoughts?

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18 thoughts on “Join the Discussion: Where is Bitcoin heading to next?

  1. There has never been so much money printed and floating in the system than there is today; The economic and monetary is broken. Bitcoin will rise!!!

  2. Bitcoin will probably fall a little lower but I doubt bitcoin will break $8,150-$8,160 or close below this level. It will probably bounce off $8,200 and go through wedge resistance to move up to $9K.

  3. Hi we may keep falling slowly in the falling wedge just like the previous bear market and probably capitulate at that point. We must keep in mind that 2.8k and 2.2k are also possible if we market makers want to complete a full ABC retracement

  4. It will hit $5.500, the 0.786 Fib level from the last rally (3.200 to 14.000). Then going to $23.000, the 1.618 Fib Extension from 5.500. Makes so much sense and is so obvious!

  5. Great updates. The bitcoin price analysis commentaries are really good, easy to follow and educational. Please please please keep it up! I’ve learnt a lot from your guides and research posts too. Thank you.

  6. I become a long term hodler when the market is down. I don’t have enough time to trade and chase the trend of the market. Your TA and FA are really interesting though.

  7. Thank you all for contributing to the discussion. Please keep it going….
    We believe there are interesting times ahead for Bitcoin!

    The fundamental research we conducted suggests Bitcoin is undervalued while our analysis of the log price chart suggests Bitcoin is actually at the cusp of a bull market mega cycle!
    In the short term we do not discount the possibility of seeing further downside potential and are keeping a watchful eye around $7,800-$7,500 since our latest research suggests Bitcoin may find a bottom around those levels. But perhaps we may have already reached a bottom? Or maybe Garcia and Crypto Mouse are correct and Bitcoin will head even lower? None of us have a crystal ball!
    Trade safely, use stop losses, and don’t trade more than you can afford to lose.
    Risk management is ALWAYS key!

  8. Did anyone just see what happened there? BTC made another failed attempt to rally through 8,300…. Bahhh!!!! Too much selling pressure! SHORT SHORT SHORT!!!!

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