June 23, 2021

Bitcoin Savings Account

We have compared both savings rates and staking yields to find the highest annualized yields on bitcoin.

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Best Bitcoin Savings Accounts: Get more for hodling BTC!

It is possible for “hodlers” to earn attractive annualised yields by simply parking Bitcoin into a crypto savings or staking account. CoinMarketExpert has compiled a table identifying providers with the highest annualized returns.

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June 2021

PlatformsAccountAPR*Period CompoundingMin Deposit Max DepositApply
BitrueBTR Lockups8.50%1 MonthMonthly0.01 BTCNo MaxStake Bitcoin

Binance Defi Staking7.49%FlexibleDaily0.01 BTCNo MaxStake Bitcoin

NexoSavings6.00%-8.00%FlexibleDaily0.001 BTCNo MaxSave Bitcoin

LednSavings6.10%FlexibleMonthlyNo MinNo MaxSave Bitcoin

BlockFISavings5.00%FlexibleMonthly0-0.5 BTCNo MaxSave Bitcoin

YouhodlerSavings4.80%FlexibleDaily0.1 BTCNo MaxSave Bitcoin

Celsius NetworkSavings3.51%-4.40%FlexibleWeeklyNo Min100 BTCSave Bitcoin

BlockFISavings2.00%FlexibleMonthly>0.5 to 20 BTC No MaxSave Bitcoin

Huobi Flexible Staking1.33%FlexibleDailyNo Min No MaxSave Bitcoin

GeminiEarn2.05%FlexibleDailyNo Min No MaxSave Bitcoin

Binance Flexible Savings1.20%FlexibleDaily0.01 BTCNo MaxSave Bitcoin

KrakenStaking0.25%FlexibleDailyNo MinNo MaxStake Bitcoin

BlockFISavings0.50%FlexibleMonthly> 20 BTC and aboveNo MaxSave Bitcoin

Table Disclaimer
The data in our tables are updated daily and are for indicative purposes only. The source data from the savings and staking providers may change without notice. Do not make any savings or staking decisions without having checked the source data directly with the relevant platforms first.