Sat. Apr 4th, 2020

Best Staking Coins 2020

Updated: April 2020

Staking is becoming a popular way for crypto investors and traders to earn passive income. If you are new to staking and want to learn more about the topic then read our free guide or simply scroll down and select a project to start staking.

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Top cryptocurrency exchanges with the highest staking rewards

Staking Coins on Binance

We love Binance because the exchange has an extensive list of assets that are available for staking, which means you could build and track a staking portfolio with absolute ease. What’s even better, the staking service offered by Binance is currently free of charge!

Stakeable AssetsEstimated Staking YieldMinimum HoldingVisit
Tezos 6%-7%1 XTZ.

Cosmos 6% - 9%0.5 ATOM.

Algorand 8% - 10%2 ALGO.

ONE 8% - 10%175 ONE.

Elrond 3% - 4%700 ERD.

Komodo 5% - 6%1 KMD.

Vechain 3% - 5%1 VET.

NEO 1% - 3%0 NEO.

Stellar 2% - 4%10 XLM.

TRON7% - 9%5 TRX.

QTUM6% - 8%1 QTUM.

KAVA14% - 16%1 KAVA.

Fetch.ai8% - 12%25 FET.

Stratis1% - 2%2 STRAT.

LOOM10% - 12%60 LOOM.

Ontology3% - 5%0.1 ONT.

Staking Coins on Kraken

We like Kraken because they’re offering a staking reward that is fixed at 6% for Tezos. Similar to Binance, Kraken does not charge a fee for its staking service. But the best part is that unlike many of its competitors, staking rewards on Kraken are instant. This means there are no waiting periods and no lockup periods!

Stakeable AssetsEstimated Staking YieldMinimum HoldingVisit
Tezos 6%1 XTZ.

Cosmos Coming soonComing soon.

Dash Coming soonComing soon.

HashQuark, a member of HashKey Group, is a staking service provider that is focusing on public chains such as PoS and DPoS. With HashQuark, token holders are simply required to store their tokens into their accounts to receive staking rewards.

Stakeable AssetsEstimated Staking YieldFeeVisit
Cosmos 7.5%10%.

Tezos 7.12%10%.