Thu. Sep 19th, 2019

CoinMarket Scanner: BTC continues to dominate over Alts

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We have scanned the market to find any coins that may be poised for a big move (either up or down) over the coming days based on the most popular technical analysis signals.

Daily Charts

Price: $10,683

Bullish MACD crossovers spotted. Bullish sentiment very likely to persist.

Price: $0.26332

Death Cross appeared in August. Bearish Trend.

Price: $1.8573

MACD bullish crossover approaching. RSI oversold. Price may bounce to 50 day MVA.

Price: $180.87

Death Cross approaching. Bearish Trend.

Price: $69.34

Death Cross appeared recently. Bullish MACD crossover spotted. Bearish Trend.

The entire Altcoin market remains weak relative to Bitcoin, and currently there is no strong evidence to suggest that Bitcoin’s dominance vs Altcoins is about to turn.

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